A pictorial diary of the residents of Duckingham Palace, Princess Lily and Elsie Duck,
menaced by the evil Prince of Darkness, and with lifestyle issues exacerbated by rubbish staff and the lower classes.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Crispy Duck Recipe

The Prince of Darkness was planning on catting out at the weekend with his feline friends. 

Prince of darkness has another succulent duck recipe

Preferred choice of starter is of course crispy duck and the favoured recipe is as below ...


    1 Duck (Lily preferably)
    small cucumber
    spring onions
    250 ml / 10 fl oz Hoisin sauce 
    pancakes from LIDL


  •     Place duck on a rack  over a deep roasting tin and  leave the duck in the low oven (150c / 270F) for 5 and a half hours.
  •     Pour the Hoisin sauce into a cat dish.
  •     Steam pancakes as directed on the packet
  •     Cut the cucumber into matchsticks
  •     Cut the spring onions into short strips
  •     Take duck out of oven and with forks scrape and shred the duck off the bone

    Eat !  :-)

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