A pictorial diary of the residents of Duckingham Palace, Princess Lily and Elsie Duck,
menaced by the evil Prince of Darkness, and with lifestyle issues exacerbated by rubbish staff and the lower classes.

Princess Elsie

Princess Elsie says "there are only two things I dislike about Elsie. Her Faces !"
Princess Elsie

When one is as glamourous as myself, and in a regal position, then one finds one gets the unwanted persistent attention of the unwashed masses, but one must remain aloof from all this at all times and carry on life as normal.

Please add comments below, unless you are one of the lower classes.


  1. I like your philosophy on life princess.
    'Keep aloof and carry on'

  2. Hello Elsie
    I like ducks love from Leon xx

    Be nice to each other ducks Love from Kyle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I woul like to see a picture of the paddling pool Love from Declan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hello

    We like you Leon for liking us :-) xxx

    We'll try to be (just this once) for you Kyle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (one more kiss than you gave us !)

    Hello Declan , promise will get a picture for you (there is a little bit of it on the Keep calm movie). We usually get in the famous photographer , Lord Snowdon so will see what he can do but it might take a few days. Keep watching , love Elsie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx