A pictorial diary of the residents of Duckingham Palace, Princess Lily and Elsie Duck,
menaced by the evil Prince of Darkness, and with lifestyle issues exacerbated by rubbish staff and the lower classes.

Palace Grounds

Duckingham palace is one of this countries grandest stately homes and a fitting home to Lily and Elsie duck.

Architectural style stems from the neoclassical movement that began in the mid-18th century, manifested both in its details as a reaction against the Rococo style of naturalistic ornament, and in its architectural formulas as an out growth of some classicizing features of late Baroque ©Wikipedia, er.

Duckingham palace front perpective classical paladian columns
Duckingham palace front perpective dominated by classical paladian columns

 Set in over 30 square yards of English country side,  the grounds were designed by famed Romantic period landscape gardener Incapabilitiy Brown and rank alongside other masterpieces such as Blenheim Palace and Kew Gardens. As Howard Colvin stated, in Brown's hands, the house, which before had dominated the estate, became an integral part of a carefully composed landscape intended to be seen through the eye of a painter, and its design could not be divorced from that of the garden.

Duckingham Palace East wing with Lily and Elsie Strolling in grounds
Duckingham Palace east wing with Lily and Elsie strolling in grounds


  1. hello princess ducks.
    What do you eat for your meals?
    Is the cat horrible to you?

  2. Hello Sir/Madam
    Our resident Michelin 3* chef regularly prepares state banquets of the finest delicacies. On an average day we have caviar for breakfast, lobster thermidor for lunch. and scones for tea. Elsie is especially partial to l'escargots.
    Cats are not permitted in the grounds unless on a lead
    HRHs L and E